How to Cure Loneliness

As you eat dinner alone on your couch, you can’t help but feel empty and isolated from everyone else. You wonder if anyone cares, or if anyone would notice if you just left the country. If you’re not careful, this sense of loneliness could turn into a case of severe depression 2. Just follow some simple steps, and you will soon discover that you’re nowhere close to being alone in this world.

Get out of the house and have fun. Come up with a list of your favorite activities or try to come up with hobbies that you would like to try. Perhaps you’re a birdwatcher and you don’t even know it yet. Look at entertainment guides in the local newspaper and online and write down what looks best to you. If you can’t come up with any interesting hobbies, perhaps there’s a singles activity club in your area; the club could introduce you to some hobbies you wouldn’t have ever considered. If money is an issue, hang out at the local café with a book in hand or head to clubs on nights when there is no cover charge. Be willing to meet all kinds of new people.

Commit to something. Tons of volunteer opportunities are just waiting for you to raise your hand. Find a an activity that involves being in constant contact with other people. For example, try sharing some of your time with others by visiting a hospital or a retirement home. If that doesn’t appeal to you, find another issue that you’re passionate about, such as holding premature infants in a local neonatal intensive care unit. The more you volunteer in social environments, the more people you will meet and the better you will feel about your own circumstances.

Scope out potential friends. If you’re getting out of the house on a regular basis, chances are high that you’ve started to come into contact with some of the same people. You may exchange some funny life stories and you may even be invited to a holiday party or two. This group of people you interact with on a regular basis is your social network. Once you get a chance to spend some quality time with people, find the people with whom you feel the most connected. Share some personal information or life opinions and if they reciprocate, you are on your way to building a deeper, lasting friendship.

Stay positive. You can choose to be happy or sad, fulfilled or lonely. Get used to having a positive mindset by being conscious of your negative thoughts. When you start to think negatively about something, turn that thought around into something for which you are grateful. Surround yourself with positive influences such as an upbeat music selection, happy movies and spiritual texts that align with your ideal philosophies. The happier you are, the easier it is to feel appreciative of your many blessings.