Tips to Improve Your Attitude in Sports

Having a positive attitude in any sport, whether basketball, tennis or jogging, can improve your performance. By fostering emotions such as confidence and a sense of humor, you can improve your overall attitude and thus improve your proficiency. The benefits are twofold, as you will find yourself enjoying the sport more while performing at a higher level.


Maintaining a consistent exercise schedule displays that you can repeat the performance. If you're able to run three miles three times a week, you will gain confidence in your ability to run this distance again in the future. When emotional pressure is added, such as when you run a three-mile race, nervousness might impact your performance. By using mental imagery to simulate the pressures of competition, it's possible to reduce anxiety that might interfere with your performance.

Emotional Conditioning

Negative emotions can adversely affect your performance. These emotions stem from habits of negative thinking that you must try to replace with positive thoughts and images. Condition yourself to feel confident by picturing success on the field or the court 1. When positive thinking becomes the new habit, you'll experience more positive emotions and your performance will improve.


If you become more proficient at a sport, you will gain self-esteem. This positive emotion will translate into other areas, such as the classroom. While learning a sport, you'll benefit more from a coach who praises your abilities than one who hurts your self-esteem. This feeling of success will build up your self-esteem, increasing your chances of continuing the sport and improving your physical abilities.

Sense of Humor

Cultivating a sense of humor improves your attitude and helps you deal with problems. The act of laughing relaxes the body, aids digestion and improves circulation. If you don't naturally have a sense of humor, you still can learn to find the humorous side of life, which will improve your overall attitude.

Positive People

Maintain relationships with people who have positive attitudes. Choose to spend your time with people who are optimistic rather than pessimistic or filled with negative emotions. This will help you maintain your own positive attitude.