Facts on Masturbation

Nature Calls

Most boys begin to play with themselves very early and some begin masturbating before they even reach puberty. Girls, on the other hand, typically do not experiment with masturbation until they are taught or they read about it. Masturbation is a natural part of growing up and children should not be given erroneous information or old wives tales such as it will "make you go blind" or "stunt your growth."

Finding Pleasure

Women began talking more about masturbation when the controversial book "The Feminine Mystique" by Betty Friedan came out in 1963, describing female pleasure and how to engage in it. Women were told they no longer needed men to support them or to satisfy them in bed. The G-spot was discussed and became a part of the fabric of the social experience known as the women's movement. For most women, finding the G-spot may take experimentation and varying hand movements to explore different regions of the genitalia. Some women prefer a fast, even motion, while others can achieve orgasm by slow and steady movement over this area.

Give As You Get

Masturbation does not have to be practiced exclusively in private. It can be a great addition to a mutual sex encounter. Successfully masturbating your partner requires a level of intimacy that is often lacking in sexual intercourse. The participants should talk about what excites them and instruct each other in how best to perform the act. Everyone develops his or her own pace and style of masturbation and sharing that with a partner can bring a couple closer.

Slippery Slope

While masturbation can offer healthy release of anxiety, ease the pain of menstrual cramps and serve as a sleep aide, it can also turn into an a serious addiction. The release of endorphins associated with masturbation becomes a necessary part of the day when it is used as an escape, even after only a short time. Masturbation becomes a problem when it interferes with your life. Some 12-step programs are available for people with this sexual addiction and counseling can be helpful. The first step is to admit there is a problem and seek help.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Another drawback of excessive masturbation is that it can create a sexual dysfunction where it becomes difficult to achieve orgasm without the rapid stimulation derived from masturbation. While you may maintain an erection during intercourse or become lubricated enough for full penetration, climax can be difficult. A sexual partner may take it personally, thinking he or she is not good enough to bring you to orgasm.