Nestle Good Start Baby Formula Review

Good Start is a variety of infant formula made by Nestle. Nestle acquired Gerber in 2007. Nestle now packages Good Start formulas under the Gerber trademark.


Seven formulas are marketed under the Gerber Good Start name. These are the Good Start, Good Start Gentle Plus Formula, Good Start Protect Plus Formula, Good Start Soy Plus Formula, Good Start 2 Gentle Plus Formula, Good Start 2 Protect Plus Formula and Good Start 2 Soy Plus Formula. Gerber’s Good Start formulas are made for children up to 12 months old and Good Start 2 formulas are made for children between nine and 24 months.


Nestle uses either whey "Comfort Protein" or "Gentle Soy Proteins" in its formula. Using a two-step process, Nestle breaks down whole proteins into easy to digest pieces. According to Nestle, this method makes digestion more comfortable for the infant, helping reduce the likelihood of spit up.


Nestle offers a money-back guarantee on all Good Start formulas. If you are dissatisfied, it’ll refund the purchase price for one can.