A Family Chore List

Keeping a household neat and orderly takes a team effort from every member of the family. Organizing household chores into a list or chart and delegating responsibility will help ensure everything gets done in a timely fashion, and the house is always the way you want it to be. You can break up the family chores into jobs that need to be done daily and weekly, and categorize them by specific chore or by room 1.

Outdoor Chores

Outdoor chores include several different jobs that are needed at different times and frequencies. Lawn mowing, gardening, and taking out the trash can be done on a weekly basis. Shoveling snow, raking leaves, sweeping the garage and washing and vacuuming the car can be done as needed. You can assign individual chores to each family member when making your list, or group them together if someone in the house is partial to the outdoors.

Kitchen Chores

The kitchen is the focal point of many homes, and as such, chores must be done on a daily basis. These may include washing dishes, emptying the dishwasher, cleaning counters and cooking. Doing all of these chores in one day may be overwhelming for one person so it's best to assign the chores to various people. To keep things fair, whomever cooks dinner on a given night should not have to also clean up afterward.

Bedroom Chores

The bedrooms in a house tend to get really messy, really fast if not looked after. It is logical to make each person responsible for keeping his own bedroom clean. Making beds, picking up clothes and dusting are examples of chores that a person must do in each bedroom. Making the bed and keeping the floor clutter-free should be done on a daily basis, while vacuuming, sweeping and dusting can be done weekly.


Depending on the type and number of pets you have, looking after them could be quite time-consuming. The family member must walk and clean up after dogs, clean cages or litter boxes, and feed and replenish water daily. If you do not use a professional groomer, someone should wash pets and clip pets' nails every couple of weeks or as needed. Brushing may be done daily if time permits, but at least three times a week. You can assign specific jobs to specific family members, or let one person handle all pet duties.


Cleaning bathrooms is more of a once- or twice-a-week kind of chore. The assigned person must scrub toilets, sinks and bathtubs, wipe the vanity and clean the mirror. Cleaning a bathroom usually isn't overly time-consuming, and could be added to other chores.


Washing, drying, ironing, folding and putting away laundry can take a lot of time out of your day. It is up to each family to decide whether all the laundry will be combined and washed accordingly or if each person is responsible for washing his own clothes. If the former is chosen, that person may need to wash clothes more than once a week.


Cleaning the floors can be part of specific-room duties or its own duty. Sweeping main areas such as hallways and the kitchen should be done daily. Also, someone should vacuum once a week and mop every two weeks.


Cleaning windows seems to be something not many people are fond of doing. Luckily, window cleaning doesn't need to be done frequently. Someone should clean the outsides of windows once a season and the insides of windows only every few weeks, if you live in a non-smoking house.

Living Room

The living room is often one of the busiest in the house. Coffee tables and end tables should be kept tidy on a daily basis, and the entire room should get a once-over weekly. This includes dusting furniture and wiping television screens. Vacuuming and dusting can be weekly, unless the amount of traffic in the room requires it more frequently.

Dining Room

Both formal dining rooms and eat-in kitchens must be cleaned daily as they are used for meals. Dishes must be cleared to the kitchen, and the table must be wiped clean after each meal. Floors can be cleaned whenever other floors in the house are done, or as needed. Any dusting may be done weekly.