Listen Up, Guys! Getting Snipped Actually Leads to Better Sex

For any man on the fence about getting vasectomized (yes, that’s an actual term), this might help him pull the proverbial trigger: A new study shows getting “snipped” may actually lead to better — and more frequent! — sex.

Researchers from Germany’s Frankfurt University analyzed responses from 95 men between three months and two-and-a-half years post-vasectomy. They found that 38 percent of men said their sex lives had improved after the procedure, while 12.4 percent said they also had sex more often, according to the Daily Mail.

But that’s not all: Compared to the control group, the vasectomized men reported better erectile function, orgasm and sexual satisfaction. (Hmmm, maybe worth the pain, right?)

And it keeps getting better. For the men’s partners the study looked at responses from 74 women and found that although there wasn’t a significant difference in sexual satisfaction compared to the control group, the women whose partners had been snipped did show an increase in sexual arousal.

While more research is needed to understand how and why having a vasectomy improves a couple’s sex life, the men in this study had an explanation: They no longer had to think about “protection,” which led to more spontaneous, worry-free sex with their partners.

Although vasectomies have been shown to be safe, more affordable and less invasive than the female equivalent (aka having your “tubes tied”), it seems that the burden is still on women. Based on stats from the National Survey of Family Growth, about 25 percent of women using contraception relied on tubal ligation surgery, compared to only 8 percent who relied on their partner getting snipped.

This might have to do with nervousness around the procedure itself: After all, it involves undergoing surgery on a very sensitive part of the body. However, the thought of the vasectomy is probably the worst part, as most men can go home the day of the procedure and fully recover within a week.

Maybe studies like the one above will help to calm men’s vasectomy anxieties — and with the promise of better sex, it’s a win-win!

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