The Surprising Way Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Keep Their Sex Life Hot

One of the hottest couples in Hollywood are sharing their tips for keeping the romance alive! One of them may surprise you.

It’s no secret the love is strong between Grammy award-winner John Legend and supermodel-turned-kitchen-queen wife Chrissy Teigen. He writes No. 1 hits about her, and she crafts hilarious tweets in return:

The two stars stepped out Wednesday night for the NYC premiere of Target’s holiday musical “The Toycracker,” in which they both star. Before heading into the theater, the lovebirds caught up with E! News and served up all of their secrets for keeping the romance burning.

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Tip 1: Alone Time

“You just have to make time for each other,” Legend says.

We couldn’t agree more! Now that the two have welcomed baby girl, Luna, into the world earlier this year, life is about to get extra busy. Small trips for birthdays, dinner dates and joint spa days are just a few ideas to keep that spark lit between partners.

Tip 2: Sex

“You know, you still have to have romance time,” Legend added.

Intimacy is always a priority in any relationship. Nothing new here.

Tip 3: Time Apart

“Travel away from each other a lot. It helps,” Teigen shared.

Really?! Although it seems unusual, it makes total sense. Chrissy elaborated by saying, “It’s nice to be able to really be like, ‘Oh my God, I miss you. I miss you so much.’ That works for both of us.” Perhaps distance does make the heart grow fonder after all.

Considering the two met back in 2007, we’re filing these tips in the “Time-Tested” folder. For more relationship advice, check out these amazing Tricks to a Healthy Sex Life from the sexiest pro athlete couple ever.

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What Do YOU Think?

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