We Are All This 'Orange Is the New Black' Star at the Gym

Orange Is The New Black’s Danielle Brooks inspires us with Instagram video when it comes to problems with gym insecurity and self-love.

While going to the gym can inspire you to feel good about yourself -- particularly around the holidays -- working out can also spark some real insecurity. From comparing yourself to others or being embarrassed about your own fitness level, letting your nerves get the best of you at the gym can hold you back from being your best self.

But thanks to a new Instagram video from “Orange Is The New Black” star Danielle Brooks, we’re feeling more inspired and confident than ever while running on the treadmill or lifting weights.

I had to check in with myself real quick. Hope someone out there feels me. 💪🏾#voiceofthecurves

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The actress, who plays the lovable Taystee on the Netflix hit series, shared a post-gym realization on Instagram this past Sunday, describing how great she felt about herself after working out. But after taking off her shirt to cool down she explained that a woman walked in the room who was incredibly fit and gorgeous, immediately making her feel bad about herself when just moments before she had felt great in her own skin and proud of her effort.

“Why, just two minutes ago, I was feeling great, and now I’m not?” Brooks asks herself in the video above. The actress then goes on to explain that she realized her loss of confidence and self-love in that moment was because she was comparing herself to another woman instead of comparing her new self to her old self and being proud of her own progress.

Brooks soon realized that while we are all inclined to compare ourselves to others, the only person you should be comparing yourself to is yourself. “Today’s Danielle is better than yesterday’s,” Brooks says to the camera. Preach!

So the next time you catch yourself feeling low at the gym, take a page out of Brooks’ playbook and check yourself — because today’s you is better than yesterday’s.

What Do YOU Think?

Do you ever feel insecure at the gym? Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others? What do you do to keep your self-esteem in check?