How to Test your Child for Drugs

By braniac

There are two easy ways to definitively test your child for drug abuse. Learn how with this guide.

Drug abuse is a serious problem across the world, and parents want to know if their child is abusing drugs. The methods described in this guide are very intrusive, and your children may resent you for using these methods. But you must decide if the danger of drug abuse is worth their anger.

The first major way to test for drugs is an at home drug test, which tests their urine for the presence of drugs. This is the same kind of test used by employment agencies to test potential workers for drugs. These kits are 99.9% effective.

You can find an at-home drug test at most pharmacies and drug stores. There are a variety of tests, each testing fro different kinds of drugs. Find a kit that tests for the most commonly abused drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, narcotics and ecstasy.

Have the child urinate in the cup provided by the test kit. It is important that you supervise them so they cannot taint the sample or add water to it. After they urinate in the cup, you use an eye dropper to transfer the urine to the testing device.

After five minutes, the testing device reveals whether there is the presence of illegal drugs in the urine. Usually there will be a box with two lines running through it if illegal drugs are present. If the test is positive for drugs, you can send the test to the testing company, where they will retest it to confirm the presence of drugs.