How to Tell Your Family You're Pregnant

By Rosenya Faith
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“I’m pregnant!” There is a multitude of ways to share those two special words with your family. Whether you've just gotten the results from a pregnancy test or you've held onto your secret for a little while, when you have decided it's time to share the news with your family, let them in on the secret in a way they won't soon forget.

Step 1

Invite your family over for a visit and tell them you want to update your photo album with a new family picture. Set the camera on the tripod, set the timer and announce your pregnancy just before the camera snaps a picture. You’ll capture your family’s smiles and surprise on film to treasure forever.

Step 2

Have the family over for a meal -- it doesn’t matter which one, but it has to include salad. Serve up the salad in clear bowls before your guests arrive. Attach a copy of the first sonogram to the bottom of each bowl. The first family member to make it through their salad will discover your surprise first. If no one makes it through their salad, that’s OK. Have custom fortune cookies printed with "I'm pregnant" on the slip of paper inside each one.

Step 3

Pick up a plain T-shirt for each family member you’d like to surprise. Write, “I’m Going to Be A (Grandma, Grandpa, etc.)” on the shirts with fabric markers and decorate the shirts with tiny hand and footprint stamps. Alternatively, have a copy of the first sonogram printed on each shirt and write the announcement beneath the picture.

Step 4

Dress an older sibling in an “I’m Going to Be a Big Sister” T-shirt or one that says, "Only Child ... Expiring March 29, 2014," for example, if you have other children and see how long it takes family members to notice. Alternatively, you can wear a T-shirt with a pregnancy announcement to see who notices it first.

Step 5

Develop or print off photos from a recent event or vacation to show your family and slip a photo of your sonogram or pregnancy test in with the prints.

Step 6

Make a shopping date with mom, aunts and sisters, but don't let them know where you're going. Surprise them with a trip to the maternity store.

Step 7

Send photo cards to family members who are far away. Tape a poster board cutout of a plus sign to the wall. Stand on one side of it while your partner stands on the other. Tape a picture of an equal sign and the number three "= 3" on the other side of your partner and snap the photo.

Step 8

Create a video to share a very special moment. If you're planning ahead, film yourself as you await the result from your first pregnancy test. Pass the time as you wait for the double lines by sharing your thoughts with the camera and then keep the film rolling when it's time to check the stick. When you have your family over later, tell them you want to share a brief home video with them. If you aren't comfortable in front of the camera, keep it focused on the pregnancy test so the camera can capture the results.

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