Step-by-Step Instructions for a Model 132094346 Simmons Crib

By Kristy Borowik
Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images

Picking out a suitable crib for your new baby can be a difficult task, but putting it together doesn't have to be. The Simmons Double Dropside Crib, Model 132094346, requires only simple setup that can be done in a couple of hours. All parts and tools are included except the wrench, screwdriver and hammer. Be sure to read all instructions, including the ones that came with your crib, before beginning, and do not use a power screwdriver.

Pick up one of the crib ends, and use the 3/4-inch pan-head screws and the Philips screwdriver to attach the parts. Insert the threaded sleeve in the top left hole. Attach one post bracket with lip to each of the crib end posts. Use the pre-drilled holes in the middle of each end post. Below each post bracket, attach a stabilizing bar plate. Below each stabilizing bar plate, attach an angle bracket.

Pick up the other crib end and attach the same parts in the same order as discussed in Step 1.

Remove the plastic ties that attach the stabilizing bars to the crib springs. Pick up one stabilizing bar with the catch level facing down and toward the inside of the crib. Slide the keyhole slots over the protruding screws on each stabilizing bar plate (already attached). Align the plate screws with the small portion of the keyhole and then tighten the screws firmly. Attach the opposite end of the stabilizing bar to the other crib end. Repeat these actions for the other stabilizing bar.

Gather the support handles and the crib spring. Use the hammer to drive the support handles into the spring clips notched-end first. The support handles are in place when the notched ends project through the pre-attached spring clips.

Secure the crib spring by placing each support handle in the appropriate hook level for each post bracket (already attached to the crib end posts). Ensure that the crib spring is level.

Gather the socket casters and insert them into the sockets on the bottom of each crib end post. They should snap into place.

Attach the gate shoes to the pre-drilled holes on the bottom rail of each dropside, using the 5/8-inch pan-head screws.With the gate shoes facing the inside of the crib, insert one dropside rod through the top rail of one of the dropsides, the post bracket, the small hole of a conical spring, the bottom rail of the dropside, a bumper spring and an angle bracket. Insert a 3/4-inch washer-head bolt in the hole in the dropside rod and into the threaded sleeve at the top of the crib end post. Tighten the bolt with the wrench. Repeat these actions for each corner.