Renaissance Kids Activities

By Sara Ipatenco
Dressing the part makes learning about the Renaissance entertaining.
Dressing the part makes learning about the Renaissance entertaining.

The Renaissance might be over, but the contributions made to history, culture and art remain. If your strapping lad or lovely lady is curious about this time period, you can travel back in time and do a few activities that make the Renaissance come alive. Have even more fun by learning a little Renaissance lingo and dressing as lords and ladies.

Dress Up

Gather an assortment of Renaissance-themed clothing. Thrift stores are a great place to score cheap dress up clothes and they often stock a variety of inexpensive costumes, including props such as toy swords and suits of armor. Keep an eye out right after Halloween and you might find even more accessories for costumes and accessories. Your child can mix and match items, trying on a variety of combinations. Show her pictures of Renaissance costumes in picture books, online or in encyclopedias to give her inspiration. Create your own costume and get in on the fun.


Get crafty to teach your child more about the Renaissance time period. Show him some famous art work from Botticelli, Da Vinci and Michelangelo. Provide paint, paper and clay and encourage him to make his own versions of the well-known pieces of art. You might also make cardboard swords. Spray them silver to make them even more realistic, and then challenge your child to a duel. Spray paint toilet and paper towel tubes silver and build castles with your lord or lady. Design stained glass windows with black construction paper and a variety of colored tissue paper. Give your child colored craft foam and ask him to make a knight's helmet, a crown or jester hat.

Visit a Fair

Take your young poppet to a Renaissance Fair -- or Faire, if you're interested in spelling as they did back then. These fairs often travel around the country, stopping in large cities for several weeks before moving on to another town. Visit your city's web page or do some Internet searches to find one near where you live. Once at the fair, see a show, visit the vendors and have a Renaissance-inspired snack. Many of the fairs also have areas dedicated to kids that include art projects and activities your child might enjoy.

Play Games

Play Cherry Pit, a game played by kids in Renaissance England. Dig a small hole in your backyard or in your child's sandbox. Give your child a handful of marbles and show him how to use one of them to knock the others into the hole. Take turns until all of the marbles have been bumped into the hole. Run a race or play leapfrog, two more activities popular among children during the Renaissance times. Hopscotch was a well-loved game during this time as well.

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