What to Put in a Kids Lunchbox

By Jason Gillikin

Every morning can be a constant battle over what to put in your child's lunch box. They want sugary snacks and candy, and you want wholesome, healthy food that is going to keep them full and focused throughout their school day. A compromise is possible, however, satisfying both the child and the parent.

Apple Slices

Purchase pre-packaged apple slices with caramel. This is a low-fat way to give your kids what they want (sweet caramel) while feeding them nutritious fruit (apples) that will keep their blood-sugar level stable, allowing them to stay focused longer. In the morning, all you have to do is pop a package into their lunchbox and you can be on your way--no arguments at all.

Cheese and Crackers

Purchase ready-made cheese-and-cracker packages from your local supermarket's meat department. These contain crackers and individual slices of meat and cheese. These are great for children because they allow the child to make his own little cracker sandwiches, which reinforces his autonomy. Cheese-and-cracker packages are available in a variety of different flavor combinations, so there is bound to be a choice even a picky eater will enjoy.


Purchase a container that suites your child's individual preferences. Fill it with water and place it in the freezer the night before. In the morning, place the container in your child's lunch box, and you have not only a healthy drink for your child, but a way to keep her meal cold until lunchtime.There are numerous choices for additives to your child's water. Purchase items like Healthy To Go packets or other sugar-free water enhancers to improve your child's nutrition while providing a delicious-tasting alternative to soda.


Vary what you place in the lunch each day. By placing different things in his lunch, you will be less likely to have a child who does not want to eat his lunch. Avoid old lunch boxes that my contain lead or BPA, or accessories that may be too complex or inappropriate for the child's age.

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