How to Pretend to Be a Guy

By eHow Parenting Editor

There are a number of reasons that people cross dress, including Halloween or costume parties, theater or simply to express themselves in a new and unique way. If you feel the need to pretend to be a guy but aren't sure where to start, a few tips can help get you on your way.

Decide whether you are willing to sacrifice your hair or will tuck it up under a hat when pretending to be a guy. The best choice is to cut your hair short, which can be transformed later into a girlish pixie cut. However, if you do not want to cut your locks, place your hair under nylon netting and use a stylish hat of your choice.

Hide your chest. If you are small busted, you are in luck, as pretending to be a buy will be that much easier; however, if you are blessed with a large bosom, you may be in for a bit of discomfort. Purchase an exercise belt which is designed to be worn around the waist and instead, place it around your chest. Make sure that the belt is tight and has adjustable sizes so that you can find the right comfort level.

Choose the right underwear depending on how far you want to take your guy look. First, a tight white tank top is essential to help hide your exercise belt. Additionally, you may want to go with a comfortable pair of boxer shorts. If you would like to add a package to your shorts, go with a tight pair of briefs and stuff them either with tissue or a rubber ****, which will look completely real behind the fabric.

Select men's clothes which helps to cover up your feminine figure. Select baggy pants with a belt and long sleeved shirts, as you cannot hide the fact that your body hair is fine and soft and that your arms and legs are feminine. When pretending to be a guy, choose men's shoes which are one size larger than you normally wear and stuff the toe, as men generally have bigger feet than women.

Pretend to be a guy. Square your hips when you walk so that you diminish your girly strut, never cross your legs and hold your shoulders back and down.