Preschool Activities on Endangered Species

By Piaf Azul
Children are natural conservationists.
Children are natural conservationists.

Many of the most well-known animals on the planet are on the endangered species list, including the black rhino, mountain gorilla and Bengal tiger. The survival of these majestic animals will be determined by members of future generation, including your child.


Get books from the library or bookstore that feature high-quality photographs of endangered animals and look at them with your preschooler. Name each animal and talk about where it lives and what it eats. Head to a zoo or natural history museum to give your child a good look at some endangered species and take photos of the ones she is most interested in. Select short clips from nature documentaries so she can see what each animal acts like in the wild.

Coloring Pages

Buy your preschooler a coloring book that has images of endangered animals and give her markers or crayons so she bring them to life. Once the pictures are colored in, help her cut them out of the book and glue them on to colorful pieces of card stock you can string up with yarn and hang in her room as pennants. Have her glue them to butcher paper to make a poster or laminate them to create endangered animal place mats. Affix them to folded pieces of construction paper to make cards for Earth Day.


Show your preschooler how to make an endangered animal mask out of a paper plate. Hold the plate up to her face and mark where the eye holes should go. Once you have cut the eye holes, turn the mask-making over to your child and let her transform the plate with markers, crayons or paint. Offer her pieces of construction paper to use as ears or horns. Tie the finished mask on to her head with pieces of yarn taped to the edges of the plate.


Have your child make a puppet of her favorite endangered species and put on a puppet show about it. Place a lunch-size paper bag upside down in front of your little one. Have her draw an animal face on the rectangle which is normally the bottom of the bag and tape a paper tongue or teeth to the bottom flap, making sure not to tape it closed, as this will become the puppet's mouth. Cut out ears, horns or a mane from card stock and ask her to tape these to the bag as well.

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