How to Prepare to be a Mother

By eHow Contributor

How to Prepare to be a Mother. You're expecting a baby and you're thrilled. You're becoming a mother. Motherhood really is the oldest profession and the highest calling you could aspire to. But there's more to preparing for motherhood than stocking the nursery and checking nine months off the calendar. Here are six forward-thinking ways to get ready.

Step 1

Think Happy Thoughts. Thoughts are the architect of your world. And your unborn baby absorbs more than vitamins and minerals. Just as what you're eating affects your health, what you're thinking influences your feelings, which your baby absorbs. The music you listen to, the movies you watch, the books you read, and the radio and television you tune in, can agitate you and make you nervous or refresh you and calm you down. Surround yourself with positive vibrations.

Step 2

Plan for the Nesting Urge. Sometimes around your eighth month, you'll enter the "clean, rearrange, and decorate" stage. You'll know when you find yourself staying up past midnight to throw away things you've been saving for years. By the way, fathers-to-be sometimes get the nesting urge too, so if you find him remodeling the bathroom or cleaning out the basement, don't worry, just give him a two thumbs up, a kiss and a big "Thank you, honey."

Step 3

Take Care of Your Feet. With so much emphasis on your midriff, it's easy to overlook your feet, but if your feet aren't feeling good, neither is any other part of your body. Sit with your feet up, wear comfy shoes, soak them in warm lavender water. Do the wiggle toes exercise to relax. Ask your sweetie for a foot massage.

Step 4

Swing in a Hammock. One mother-to-be told me that a hammock was the best purchase she made, since lying in it was the only way she could sleep on her tummy, and after the baby was born it saved many restless nights. When the baby wanted to be near or needed to be fed, they'd curl up together in the hammock and both be gently rocked. (Be warned: when you're nine months pregnant you may not be able to get out of the hammock without help).

Step 5

Cut Down on Obligations. If you're going to survive and be a pleasant human being, someone that your child, your husband, and you, yourself, can love, you'll have to cut out some things in your life. Practice saying "no" so that you'll be ready when asked to do something that you don't want to do, are too tired to do, or don't have the time.

Step 6

Memorize This Phrase: "It's Worth It." Mothering never stops. You can't do it a mere 8 hours a day, then go home for the evening. You can't squish it in between your career and your favorite pastime. You don't get mothering breaks. Your life will never be the same. However, there's no need to freak out. Take it from me, a mother of an adult daughter whom I adore; all the sacrifices you'll make are worth it.