How Does Play Help Children?

By Steve Smith


One of the most overlooked parts of children's playtime is the developmental role it plays in their lives. When children play, they not only learn new concepts but also develop their imaginations, set boundaries for themselves and experience new things from different perspectives. When children play with others, they also develop social skills and learn to appreciate other people's space and belongings. It helps them discover how to interact and have fun with kids their age.


Children learn many new things when they play, including coordination and motor skills as well as cognitive abilities. Children at play will start to learn how to use their bodies to accomplish tasks faster because when they play, they are engaging in things they love. They will also learn about the physical properties of objects they play with, everything from soccer balls to slides and playground equipment. They will experience these things firsthand and begin to understand them in a more personal way.

Social Skills

The social skills a child learns when at play are very important throughout their lives. From learning how to respect someone's space to learning how to relate to different types of people, they can learn lifelong concepts through simple play. Children will also discover who they enjoy playing with and why. They will find common likes and dislikes between themselves and other children, then they will begin to learn about other children and how they react in different situations. All these experiences can lead to a happier and more confident life as an adult.


A child also develops a great imagination while they play. Playing not only involves setting up rules for fair play but also acting out things they have seen or heard in their lives. Children will incorporate characters they read about in books or have seen on TV into their play. They will also construct their own fantasy worlds where they can escape for a while while they play. Both benefit children's development and character as they grow.

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