How to Make a Ruffled Chair Cover

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Give your home a shabby chic makeover with ruffled chair covers. Tie these covers onto any hard-backed chair in your home, whether it's for your dining room table or simply a side chair in your living room. The ruffled effect will make the chair look larger than it is and let it stand out in your home decor scheme, while the padded seat cushion will make the chair a more comfortable place to sit and rest.

Step 1

Measure the dimensions of the chair seat. Add 1 inch to the width and call it measurement A; add 1 inch to the length and call it measurement B.

Step 2

Cut a piece of foam padding that matches the actual dimensions of the chair seat. Padding that is 1 inch thick will work best to provide a cushion for your seat.

Step 3

Cut two squares of fabric that match measurements A by B. These pieces will cover the chair cushion.

Step 4

Cut two small strips of fabric that are 12 inches long and 3 inches wide. These will become the chair ties.

Step 5

Cut a length of fabric that is 12 inches wide and six times the length of measurement A. This is the ruffle piece.

Step 6

Make the ruffle for your chair. Fold the ruffle piece of fabric in half lengthwise, with the right sides together. Sew the short ends closed with a straight stitch on your sewing machine, then turn it right side out. Use an iron to press the fold and seams. Insert this fabric into your sewing machine and sew a long, straight basting stitch along the raw edges, going through both layers of fabric.

Step 7

Make the ties. Fold the two smaller strips of fabric in half lengthwise, with the right sides facing in. Sew a straight seam down the long raw edge, then turn each tube right side out. Fold under the short edges to hide the cut fabric edges and sew with a straight stitch. Set these aside for now.

Step 8

Assemble the cushion body. Place one of the fabric squares on your working area with the right side up. Pull on the threads of the ruffle piece to gather the sewn edge, then layer this on top of the fabric square. Align the gathered edge of the ruffle piece with the outside perimeter of the square piece on three sides, leaving the fourth side un-layered. Sandwich the other fabric piece on top of this, right side down, and pin around the edges of the three ruffled sides to secure the pieces together.

Step 9

Sew a straight seam around the outside three ruffled edges of the pillow cover. Use your sewing machine and make your seam approximately 1/2 inch in from the cut edges on these three sides. Remove the pins and turn the pillow cover right side out.

Step 10

Insert the foam core pad into the pillow cover through the un-sewn side. Fold under the edges on this side, pinning them closed with straight pins. Fold each tie in half and sandwich the fold between the fabric layers on the pillow, approximately 3 inches in from each top corner. Pin them in place as well.

Step 11

Sew a straight seam across the top of the final side of the pillow, going through all layers of fabric and ties. Back stitch back and forth across the ties to secure them. Remove the pins and tie the cushion onto the chair, letting the ruffles hang down over the sides and front.

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