How to Make a Paper Bowl & Spoon

By Loletrazina Church
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Origami is the Japanese art form of folding paper used to make airplanes, animals, boxes, insects, flowers and even a spoon or a bowl. When creating paper crafts, fold and crease paper to make various shapes and figures. Fold a single sheet of paper for each figure and create an entire display of origami.

Paper Bowl

Step 1

Lay a sheet of paper on a flat surface, fold it in half horizontally and firmly crease it. Fold the half sheet again, crease the fold and open it to the half fold.

Step 2

Position the paper so that the crease is facing away from you. Fold the two top corners to meet at the center and create a triangle.

Step 3

Unfold one side of the triangle and create a squash fold by folding the bottom point from the unfolded side over to meet the bottom point on the other side. Crease the point and sides of the paper to create a triangle.

Step 4

Flip the paper over. Unfold the other top corner and create another squash fold by folding the first point over to meet the point on the other side and crease the sides. Fold the left corner over to meet the right corner and crease the edges. Your paper should still have the shape of a triangle.

Step 5

Position the triangle with the closed section in the center. Stand the triangle upward and separate the flaps. Fold the flaps over so that the closed sections are in the center of the triangle.

Step 6

Fold the bottom flaps inward so that the edges meet at the center and firmly crease the folds. Only fold the top layer of the flap. Flip the paper over and repeat this step on the opposite side.

Step 7

Locate the top-layered flap at the bottom of the paper, fold it upward three times, about 1 inch each fold and crease each fold. Flip the paper over and repeat this step on the opposite side.

Step 8

Fold the triangle point upward to meet the edge and unfold. Flip the paper over, fold the triangle point upward on the opposite side and unfold. Pull the flaps outward to open the bowl and make it sit up.

Paper Spoon

Step 1

Place a cup on a sheet of paper and trace the diameter of the cup to create a circle. Use your scissors to cut out the circle and lay the circle on a flat surface.

Step 2

Fold each side of the circle inwards about 1/4 inch. Fold the bottom corners inward about 1/2 inch and fold the bottom of the circle inwards about 1/4 inch.

Step 3

Place your right index finger in the open section of the circle and use your other hand to pinch the folded part together.

Step 4

Fold the tip of the spoon and handle down about 1/4 inch from the end. Hold the pinched end of the spoon to use it.

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