How to Make a Lego Table

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

If you can't pull your kids away from the sample Lego table at the toy store, create your own version at home at a fraction of the price. The activity center will not only keep your kids entertained, but also keep the multitude of tiny blocks organized and stored.

Choose a children's activity or unused end table where your kids will be able to sit or stand comfortably while they play. If you're purchasing a new unit, consider one with built-in benches for a fun look. (See Resources)

Affix several Lego Building Plates to the surface without gaps between them to provide a continuous surface for construction. Prevent them from slipping with small pieces of double-stick tape or velcro strips adhered with temporary adhesive if you'll need to remove them later.

Place a stack of colorful drawer units below the table so your kids will be able to take the Lego blocks out and put them away with ease. Add labels or photos to the drawers so they'll remember the types of blocks stored in each drawer.

Make building easier for younger kids by storing the blocks in open bins so they won't have to ask you to unhook tricky lids or fix stuck drawers. Stash a narrow stack of the bins below the center of the table so they won't kick them over as they work. Stabilize the storage units with Velcro strips along the bottom or a small rubber mat if you have hardwood floors.

Fill the drawers or bins with Lego blocks or larger Duplo pieces for younger kids. Sort them by color or shape and consider keeping specialty pieces like Lego people, windows or wheels in a cup within the bin to make them easier to find.