How to Make a Diaper Cake With Blankets

By Angela LaFollette
babywindeln image by Daniel Fuhr from

Diaper cakes make interesting centerpieces for baby showers, but you can also make them as a gift for a new mother. When you make a diaper cake, you can choose a theme or certain colors to decorate it. A diaper cake consists of rolled diapers assembled into tiers that resemble an actual cake. The diaper cake includes items that the mom can use for her newborn. Receiving blankets draped over the diaper tiers make the diaper cake appear frosted.

Unfold all of the baby diapers. Roll each diaper into a cylinder shape from the front to the back, and secure them with a rubber band to keep them from unraveling.

Place an 8 oz. baby bottle in the center of a cardboard cake board. Place six diapers around the bottle to create a ring of diapers, and hold them in place with a rubber band.

Make another ring of diapers around the baby bottle. This ring will consist of 12 to 15 diapers. Place a large rubber band around this ring to hold it in place around the first ring of diapers.

Arrange 20 to 25 diapers around the second ring of diapers.

Remove the baby bottle from the diapers. Place one or two rolled diapers in its place to fill in the empty gap.

Drape a receiving blanket over the first tier of the diaper cake. Tie a large ribbon around this ring of diapers and receiving blanket, and tie a tight bow to hold them in place.

Place the baby bottle centered on top of the first tier. Create a ring of diapers with six diapers, and secure them in place with a rubber band. Make another ring of 12 to 15 diapers.

Remove the baby bottle and insert rolled diapers in its place. Place a receiving blanket to cover the diapers, and secure it in place by wrapping a ribbon around the diapers and receiving blanket. Tie the ribbon into a bow.

Place the baby bottle on the top tier. Secure six diapers in place around the baby bottle with a ribbon that you will tie in a bow to match the other two tiers.

Pin the receiving blankets with diaper pins on the back of the diaper cake. This will make the blankets appear tight so that they look like frosting on a cake.