Maclaren Easy Traveller Instructions

By Michelle Blessing
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Looks can be deceiving. The Maclaren Easy Traveller may look like a futuristic shopping cart, but it is actually a versatile alternative to the ever-popular baby travel systems. The Easy Traveller allows you the freedom to create a travel system with almost any car seat, so you aren't required to purchase an expensive travel system you may only use a few times. Various cross bar positions allow the Maclaren Easy Traveller to quickly adapt to your chosen car seat for immediate use.

Operating the Maclaren Easy Traveller

Release the clip on the side of the stroller to open it. Unfold the stroller. Push down with your foot on the back foot latch to lock the stroller in the open position.

Engage the brakes by pushing the foot levers on the wheels to the right. Release the brakes by pushing the foot levers to the left.

Align and straighten the front wheels and press down on the level to lock the swivel function. Raise to lever to allow the front stroller wheels to swivel while moving.

Remove the attached car seat from the Maclaren Easy Traveller (See second section.)

Press up on the back foot latch to unlock the stroller. Push down on the side lever while pushing forward on the stroller handles. Continue pushing forward until the stroller is flat and lock the side clip to store.

Adapting the Maclaren Easy Traveller for Car Seat Use

Determine which front cross bar position will be necessary for your type of car seat.

Use "A" position for Graco Snug Ride, Evenflo Discovery and Chicco Keyfit 30 car seats.

Use "B" position for Britax Companion, Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP, Cosco Eddie Bauer and Cosco Designer 22 car seats.

Use "C" position for Combi Tyro and Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Latch System car seats.

Loosen the bolts on both sides of the front cross bar with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Remove the screws, locknuts and washers.

Slide the front cross bar to the correct position (A, B or C) using the labels on the stroller for a guide. Replace the bolts, locknuts and washers and tighten the crossbar in place.

Place your chosen car seat onto the stroller frame so the large rear groove sits on the front crossbar. This will ensure the child is rear-facing in the stroller.

Place the car seat straps located on the frame of the stroller over the top of all the car seats other than the Peg Pegero Primo Viaggio Latch System seat. Snap the buckles together and pull the strap tight to secure the seat.

Rotate the handle of the Peg Pegero Primo Viaggio Latch System seat toward the rear of the seat until it locks. Loop the two ends of the car seat strap over the handle. Snap the buckles together and pull the strap tight to secure the seat.

Unbuckle the car seat straps from your infant seat to remove it. Adjust your seat's carrying handle to the proper carry position. Hold the seat in one hand and pull the release lever on the rear of your seat (usually large and red). Lift the seat from the cross bar.

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