Kolcraft KB003 Bassinet Instructions

By Amanda Haury
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A bassinet can be very convenient to many parents. During the first few months of life, parents may want to keep their baby closer to their side while he sleeps. Rather than placing a young baby in a crib, they may choose to use a bassinet, and the Kolcraft KB003 bassinet is a suitable option. Like many other baby items, the Kolcraft bassinet needs to be assembled. With some guidance, you should be able to put together the Kolcraft KB003 without too much difficulty.

Assemble the Bassinet Stand

Identify all of the parts and separate into piles. Make sure that you have all the pieces required to assemble the bassinet.

Install the bassinet stand by feeding four of the "A" rods into the tubes of the back legs. Press firmly until the rods snap into place. Place two of the "B" rods into the tubes of the front legs, and press firmly until the rods lock into place.

Attach the rounded support bars to the front and rear of the bassinet frame. The rounded ends of the support bar should face outward. Press firmly on the support bars until they lock into place.

Install Bassinet Basket

Place the bassinet basket into the middle of the bassinet frame. Secure the basket by grabbing the flaps on top of the bassinet basket and feeding over the bassinet frame. Lock each flap to the frame by pressing firmly so that the lock snaps shut.

Hold the flaps on the bottom of the basket. Feed the flaps over the metal bar on the bassinet frame, and lock each snap securely.

Locate the ribbon on each corner of the bassinet basket. Tie the ribbon securely on each corner. Pull it taut to make sure it does not come untied easily.

Install the Electronics Module

Take the bassinet mattress out of the bassinet basket. Lift the fabric in bottom of the bassinet basket to expose the bassinet frame. Identify the two drilled holes on the bassinet frame, which is where you will install the electronics module.

Line up the holes on the electronics module with the holes in the bassinet frame. Insert two screws using a Phillip-head screwdriver. Grasp the electronics module and attempt to move it. If you feel any movement the screws need to be tightened.

Pry off the battery door with a flat-head screwdriver. Place a D-cell battery inside the battery chamber. Lock the battery door by aligning it with the electronics module and pressing firmly. When the door is secure you will hear a click.

Assemble Bassinet Bed and Canopy

Unlatch the rounded support bars. Feed the rounded support bars through the hooks in the bottom of the bassinet bed. Reattach the rounded support bars.

Attach the brackets for the canopy onto the bassinet. Feed them through the holes in the bassinet cover. Attach the bassinet cover to the bassinet floor board by pressing firmly on each snap.

Place the bassinet mattress in the bassinet bed. Tuck the corners of the mattress under the bassinet cover, and smooth the bassinet mattress to make sure that it lays flat.

Lift the bassinet bed and place it on top of the rounded support frame. Lock in place by feeding snaps from the bassinet basket through the support frame. Press the snaps closed until you hear a click sound.

Insert the canopy attachment into the canopy bracket. When the canopy is locked into place you should hear a click. Pull down the canopy fabric over the back of the bassinet.

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