Instructions for the Philips Avent iQ24

By Shelby Winchell
Wash bottles with soapy water prior to sterilising.

The Philips Avent iQ24 is an electronic steamer that can sterilise six baby bottles or parts to a twin breast pump at one time. The steamer heats up to 100 degrees Celsius to kill household germs and harmful bacteria in your baby feeding equipment. In six minutes, the Avent iQ24 sterilises bottles, nipples and pump accessories for up to 24 hours.

Wash and rinse bottles or breast pump accessories with soapy water prior to sterilising.

Measure and pour water into the steamer. Use either 90ml or 200ml of water using the provided measuring cup. The lesser amount will sterilise bottles for up to six hours while the larger amount will keep items sterilised for up to 24 hours.

Insert the lower basket onto the central rod and secure in place with two screw rings. Place the bottle rack facing down on top of the rings and then lower the upper basket on top of the rack.

Place bottles face down in the bottle rack. Caps, lids and nipples go in the upper basket.

Place the unit into the sterilizer and secure it closed by placing the lid on top. Plug in the sterilizer. A flashing zero will appear on the display asking you to select a sterilisation mode.

Press and hold the "Control" button once to select either "Mode 1" for sterilisation for up to six hours or twice for "Mode 2" (which sterilises the items for up to 24 hours). The sterilisation process will begin immediately.

Wait until you hear five beeps and see three bars displayed on the outside of the sterilizer. This will happen six minutes into the sterilisation. Wait an additional three minutes before taking off the lid and removing any contents from the sterilizer as they will be hot. Do not remove the lid if you want the contents to remain sterilised.


Unplug the sterilizer when it's not being used.

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