How to Install a Graco Snugride

By Melanie Williamson
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Installing a Graco Snugride infant carrier might seem like an intimidating job the first time, but soon you will be able to do it without even thinking about it. The base makes it easy to take the infant carrier in and out of the car without having to use with the seat belt each time.

Remove from packaging. You should have an infant carrier and a hard plastic base. The owner's manual should also be included.

Adjust the harness straps so that the baby is held snugly in the seat. They should be at or below your baby's shoulders. The chest strap should go across the chest right under the baby's armpits. The waist straps should cross over the baby at the hips, and attach between the baby's legs. The straps on the Graco Snugride can only be adjusted in the back so you will need to do this before putting the baby in the seat.

Place the base in the backseat of your vehicle so that the side that has two large loops is facing the back of the seat.

Pull the seat belt through the two plastic loops and lock it into place. In between the two loops is a small cut-out piece of plastic just large enough to slide the seat belt through. Go ahead and slide the seat belt through it.

Pull the remaining seat belt out until it won't go any further, then let it retract. This is how you'll know the seat belt is secure. Once installed properly, the base should not move more than one inch in any direction.

Take the infant carrier with the infant already strapped in, and lower it onto the base so that the baby is facing the back of the car. You will hear the carrier snap into place. Put the handle back in riding position. Try to pull the carrier back out to make sure it is locked in.

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