How to Install a Graco Infant Carseat

By Rebecca O'Brien
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All 50 states require infants be transported in a car seat. Graco, one of the largest manufacturers of baby goods, sells car seat models that snap into a stationary base and double as infant carriers. You only need to install the stationary base once, and can place or remove the infant carrier easily every time you travel with your baby.

Properly place the Graco stationary base on the vehicle's rear seat. The rounded section, which has two holes and a securing flap for the seat belt, should be against the seat back.

Run the seat belt through the holes. Pull the seat belt all the way out and, continuing to keep it full extended, pass the belt through the two holes and buckle it.

Straighten and tighten the belt. Make sure there are no twists in the seat belt. Apply pressure to the middle of the stationary base by pressing with one hand or sitting on it. Slowly release the seat belt. Before it is fully retracted, secure the belt under the flap in the center of the stationary base. Tighten the belt the rest of the way.

Ensure the belt is tight. Pull on the top of the seat belt firmly to ensure it is fully retracted. Make sure the stationary base cannot move more than one inch in any direction.

Place the infant carrier on the stationary base. Infant carriers are rear facing. The back of the carrier will snap into place when correctly positioned on the stationary base. Place the handle down in the riding position by pressing in on the handle release buttons and pushing the handle back. Check the level indicator on the side of the seat and be sure you can only see blue.

Pull the release lever to remove. On the back of the seat there is an arched lever. Pull up on the lever and lift the carrier to remove it from the base. Some seats may have a button to push rather than a lever to pull.

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