How to Install a Chicco KeyFit Car Seat

By Tamara Runzel
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Installing your Chicco KeyFit car seat correctly is essential in keeping your infant safe. You can use the Chicco KeyFit car seat for children from 4 pounds to 30 pounds. You can install the car seat in your vehicle using one of two options.

Vehicle Belt

Park your vehicle on a level surface to ensure the car seat is installed in a level position.

Store the LATCH connectors if you use a seat belt to secure the car seat. LATCH is a child restraint attachment system that comes in a number of cars manufactured after Sept. 1, 2002. Lift up on the LATCH release lever and pull the LATCH connectors out of their storage pockets. Insert the LATCH connectors into the storage pockets, pull the LATCH strap to secure them, and then roll up the pull strap and tuck it in the storage pocket.

Place the base of the Chicco KeyFit car seat in a forward facing vehicle seat with the recline foot against the back of the seat.

Push the recline buttons on each side of the base while lifting the base to adjust the base angle. The base is positioned correctly when the bubble is between the arrows on the recline indicator on the side of the base.

Insert the vehicle belt through one opening in the base, across the base and out the other opening.

Push the base firmly down and pull on the vehicle belt to tighten the belt.

Slide the vehicle shoulder belt into the shoulder belt lock-off on the side of the base. You should put the belt only in the shoulder lock-off on the opposite side of where the seat belt buckles.

Check to make sure the seat belt is tight, the base is stable and the bubble on the recline indicator is between the arrows.

Line up the carrier with the base and push the carrier firmly into the base. You should hear a click when it is secure, but pull up on the carrier to make sure it is latched.


Park your vehicle on a level surface for proper installation.

Lift the LATCH release lever and remove the LATCH connectors from their storage pockets.

Place the base in a forward facing vehicle seat with the recline foot against the back of the seat. Follow Step 4 in Section 1 to set the angle of the base.

Push the LATCH connectors firmly onto the LATCH anchor bar in your vehicle. You should hear a click when they are attached, but you can make sure they are secure by pulling on the straps. The Chicco KeyFit car seat is designed for use with lower LATCH anchors that are 11 inches apart. Verify the spacing in your vehicle in your owner's manual.

Press the base of the car seat down and pull up on the LATCH pull strap to tighten the LATCH belts. Tuck the pull strap into its storage pocket and attach the carrier.

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