How to Install Front Wheel Bushings on an L130 John Deere

By Yvonne Grant

The John Deere L130 has a 23 horsepower V-twin Briggs and Stratton engine, twin touch pedal hydrostatic drive, an 18-inch turning radius and cruise control. The front wheels have two plastic bushings in each wheel, which protect the wheel and axle from wear. As the mower gets older, these bushings will start to wear, causing the wheels to wobble and making the lawn mower hard to control. If your bushings are worn, it is important to change them as soon as possible; worn bushings can cause damage to the axle or wheel.

Park the lawn mower on level ground, then remove the ignition key and set the parking brake.

Place the jack under the front of the lawn mower on the frame. Raise the lawn mower until the wheels are off of the ground. Place the jack stands under the front of the frame, in front of the wheels, then lower the lawn mower onto the jack stands.

Remove the wheel caps, located in the middle of the wheel, to expose the "E" clip and axle. To remove the wheel caps, pull them straight off.

Pry the "E" clip off of the axle with a flat-head scewdriver.

Slide the wheel off the axle and place the wheel flat on the ground.

Place the flat head screwdriver on the inner lip of the bushing, located inside the wheel housing. Hit the end of the screwdriver with the rubber mallet until the bushing falls out. Flip the tire over and repeat on the other side of the wheel.

Place the new bushings over the axle hole in the wheel. Gently tap around the perimiter of the bushing until the bushing sits tightly on the wheel axle housing. Flip the tire over and repeat on the other side.

Reinstall the wheel and secure the wheel to the axle using the "E" clip. Reinstall the wheel caps, then lower the lawn mower to complete the installation of the new wheel bushings.

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