How to Inspire Teens to Go to Church

By Kathryn Hatter
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When you’re eager for your child to embrace spirituality and develop a relationship with his creator, you might want your adolescent to join you at church. While this is a worthy goal, it might take just the right approach to inspire a teenager to attend church. With patience and support, your goal of cultivating a stronger faith in your teenager might come to fruition.

Step 1

Pray about your teen’s connection with church to involve God in the process, suggests the Lord of Life Lutheran Church, of The Woodlands, Texas. Frequent and ongoing prayer about your teenager’s spiritual development can be an effective solution. Also pray for God’s wisdom and influence on your actions to help you encourage your child in a positive way.

Step 2

Set a faithful and committed example for your teenager to help her feel motivated to attend church, advises the Grace Communion International Church website. Make your faith a living and integral part of your life, every day of the week. Attend church services consistently, putting this worship above other pursuits and activities.

Step 3

Invite your teenager to attend church with you, suggests educator David O. McKay with Brigham Young University. Avoid demands and emotional begging. Instead, simply tell your teenager that you’ll be attending church and you’d love her to join you. Issue an invitation every week, regardless of whether your teen accepts.

Step 4

Find ways for your teenager to become involved in church activities and service to forge a connection. Teenagers can take on important servant and leadership roles in a church community, according to the Rolesville Baptist Youth organization. Local outreach programs or even broader mission trips might be options for involving your teen in church service.

Step 5

Connect your teenager with a mentor at church, suggests pastor Michael Bayne with the Grace Community Church in Clarksville, Tennessee. When an adult member with a mature faith partners with a teenager to provide support and encouragement, the teenager might develop a stronger incentive to stay active in the church.

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