Ideas for One Year Old Pictures

By Catherine Copeland
Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

Your child only turns one once, so a special way to mark that important milestone is by having professional portraits taken of your little one. There are many creative, fun and traditional ideas available when it comes to first birthday portraits. Parents should consider their own style and preferences before having the photos taken.

Photo with Cake

One portrait pose that works well for a first birthday is to have a special small cake made, and have the baby sit next to the cake. For a more personal touch, consider adding one single candle to the cake. These make memorable photos of a baby posing with her first birthday cake. It marks the occasion and still makes a beautiful, timeless photo of the baby.

Baby Eating Cake

After the simple, elegant cake photos have been taken, it's time to have some fun with the baby. Let the baby play with the cake, eat the cake and make a mess of the cake. These make great photos that are sure to bring anyone into fits of laughter. They also mark the mischievousness and hilarity of the early years of childhood. This is yet another memorable way to mark a first birthday in photos.

Baby Posing with Adult Clothes

Another cute one year portrait is to have the baby pose in adult clothes. For instance, a little boy could don his dad's dress shirt and hold a tie, and a little girl could attempt to walk in her mom's high heels. This is a cute photo that keeps a baby's size in perspective, and can also be used as a way to mark the baby's growth. Consider using these same props in another year, and show how much bigger the little one has become.

Diaper Photo

For a more serious portrait, consider having the baby pose in just a diaper. This could be a regular diaper, or also a cloth diaper for the sake of the photo. These make serious, beautiful portraits and can become a timeless piece of art in your home. They show that no matter how much the baby has grown, your child is still a baby for a little while longer.