Ideas for Kids' Art Projects Using Cool Whip Tubs

By Christina Schnell
Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images

Emptying a tub of Cool Whip doesn't mean you have to throw it away or use it for storing left-over macaroni and cheese. Flexible, lidded containers, and especially those with easy-to-open tops are perfect for kids' crafts and art projects. Choose materials and project that are age-appropriate and avoid obvious safety hazards, like giving a toddler small beads to glue on the side. Feel free to assist or demonstrate, but let your child's imagination be the guide for this homemade art project.

Fabric Projects

Use old strips of fabric to decorate the exterior and interior of a Cool Whip container. Let your child scissor and paste materials of various textures and patterns around the exterior and interior using non-toxic glue. Take a strip of braided rope cord, available at any craft store, and show her how to weave or spiral it into a cool design inside the bottom of the container. Older children can use fabric glue and decorate the lid as well to make a fun storage container or just a decorative art piece.

Hanging Creations

Create mobiles or wind chimes by having your child paper and color the outside of the Cool Whip tub. Pull knotted string or ribbon through small holes you've poked in the bottom with a hole-puncher, or scissors if she's old enough. If she's beyond chocking hazard age, tie charms or beads to the bottom of the dangling string or small bells. Puncture another two holes on either side of the top and tie two strings together before hanging it on the ceiling.

Picture Collage Projects

Cut out pictures from magazines or less-than-perfect family photos and paste them around the Cool Whip tub to make a colorful, artistic 3D collage. A younger child will love helping you choose and cut magazine photos with safety scissors. Let her apply the non-toxic glue using a dampened chunk of old sponge. You could even use the container to store future collage photos if that's something your little one particularly enjoys doing.

Pretty Potted Flowers

Turn old Cool Whip containers into fanciful mini gardens. Cover the exterior in faux moss and staple a few decorative craft flowers around the edges. After filling two-thirds of the container interior with soil, let your child help plant small flowers like violets and dandelions inside. For a more artistic flower pot, you can let your child insert a few small decorative lady bugs or butterflies around the flowers.