How to make a diaper cake with receiving blankets

By Rosenya Faith
Turn a boring baby gift into a photo-worthy gift.

A diaper cake offers a modern twist on a traditional baby shower gift by allowing gift-givers to present a useful gift to a mother-to-be that looks worthy of becoming the party's centrepiece. A three-tier diaper cake is easy to make, even for individuals with no previous experience making the baby shower gift, and covering the tiers with receiving blankets offers an elegant and professional-looking finish to the gift.

Place 10 diapers in the 14-inch cake pan. The diapers should be placed on their side with the printed design on the diaper facing the centre of the pan. Press them firmly against one side and then add 10 more diapers. Continue adding diapers until the cake pan is full. Wrap an elastic band around the diapers just above the lip of the pan. Take the diaper tier out of the pan and move it to the centre of a large square cake tray that is approximately one-third larger than the tier.

Fold a receiving blanket lengthwise to make a long, thin blanket. The length of the blanket must be able to wrap around the diaper tier, and the height must be tall enough to hide the diapers. Wrap the folded receiving blanket around the cake and secure the ends in place with a safety pin. Wrap a 1½-inch-wide ribbon around the tier for decoration and to hide the safety pin.

Repeat the first step to fill the 10-inch cake pan and wrap an elastic band around the diapers. Insert four thin wood skewers into the 14-inch cake pan and push the 10-inch diaper tier onto the 14-inch tier. The wooden skewers help to keep the cake tiers in place when transporting the cake. Fold another receiving blanket, wrap it around the 10-inch tier and secure it with a safety pin. Wrap a 1½-inch wide ribbon around the tier and tie it in a bow.

Make the third tier for the cake in the same way as the previous tiers, using an 8-inch round cake pan. Insert three wooden dowels into the 10-inch tier and push the third tier onto the skewers until it touches the second tier. Fold another receiving blanket, wrap it around the 8-inch tier, secure it with a safety pin and wrap a ribbon around the tier.

Use 10 to 12 more receiving blankets to decorate around the diaper cake. Fold a receiving blanket in half. Fold it in half again the opposite way and then fold it once more. Roll the blanket up like a jellyroll and wrap a length of 1½-inch wide ribbon around the rolled up receiving blanket to keep it closed. Make nine to 11 more rolled blankets. Place the blankets on the cake tray around the diaper cake. Top the cake with a stuffed toy, silk flower or baby doll.

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Rosenya Faith has been working with children since the age of 16 as a swimming instructor and dance instructor. For more than 14 years she has worked as a recreation and skill development leader, an early childhood educator and a teaching assistant, working in elementary schools and with special needs children between 4 and 11 years of age.