How to Host the Best Teen Coed Summer Party

By Barbie Carpenter
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Your teen is enjoying her summer break, but she might miss that daily interaction with her friends. Throw a summer bash for your teen and her friends to allow them to catch up, share summer stories and enjoy themselves under your supervision. A little planning goes a long way in helping you create an epic party that the teens will still be talking about when they return to school in the fall.

Step 1

Choose a summer theme for your teen's party. Whether you're celebrating one of summer's big holidays -- Memorial Day or the Fourth of July -- with a barbecue, or transforming your backyard into a tropical paradise for a luau, a themed party gets your teen guests excited for a bash that's better than the average hangouts they're used to.

Step 2

Limit your guest list. The American Academy of Pediatrics explains that text messaging and social networking allow teens to spread the word about a party instantly, which can result in a large number of guests and ensuing problems. Decide how many teens you can supervise and hold in your party space, and work with your teen to create a manageable guest list. The West Linn Community Task Force recommends one adult for every eight teens at the party. Make sure your teen understands that uninvited guests will be turned away.

Step 3

Create a comfortable summer party environment by inviting comparable numbers of boys and girls. You don't want two teen girls to feel intimidated at a party full of boys.

Step 4

Create a teen-friendly menu of finger foods and snacks. Your teen and his pals have an appetite, but they might be too busy chatting, dancing or flirting with that special someone to sit down for a full meal. Choose easy-to-grab finger foods for your teen party, and tie the foods to your theme. For example, sliders are perfect for a backyard barbecue, and chicken kabobs are easy to munch on at a Hawaiian luau. If your teen guests can't grab the food with their hands, save it for another party.

Step 5

Plan some activities. Coed teen parties might start off a bit awkward, with clear gender divisions at the party. Throw on some of your teen's favorite music to encourage your guests to mix and mingle. Pop on some Hawaiian tunes or Jimmy Buffett to celebrate those long summer nights. If you have access to a pool, let the teens splash around, play water volleyball and soak up the sun while catching up on what everyone's been up to over the summer.

Step 6

Monitor the teen's activities. When teens reconvene in the summer after time apart, the party might get a little wild. Perhaps the carefree summer months have even encouraged some of your teen's friends to drink or smoke. Check on the teens regularly to ensure that they're engaging in healthy and safe summer fun.

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