How to Find a Hospital Birth Announcement

By Kelly Gray
Maria Toutoudaki/Photodisc/Getty Images

Almost every hospital in the United States offers a Web nursery. Web nurseries announce the birth of a baby via the Internet. A photo of the baby is included as well as basic birth information such as height and weight. Friends and family can also leave messages for the parents congratulating them on the new arrival. The largest Web Nursery is Our365, which has relationships with more than 2,0000 hospitals in the United States. In addition to the birth announcements, the website offers advice and home portrait services.

Turn on the computer and open an Internet browser. Browser options include Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Enter "Web Nursery" into the search box in the top right corner of the page. Select the second option, "Welcome to WebNursery."

Select the baby's birth date by using the drop down menu. Not all of the information is needed, but month and year are helpful in narrowing the search.

Enter the first three letter of the mother's last name. Select the state in which the baby was born from the drop down menu. Select the country of birth. Select "Find the Baby."

Select the mother's name from the options provided. Search results will be displayed with the mother's first name and last initial, the hospital name, date of birth and where the hospital is located. Select "Full Details" to leave a message or comment for the family.