How to Hook a Car Seat in a Jeep XJ

By Melanie Fleury
child in the car image by Natalia Pavlova from

The Jeep Cherokee XJ is a compact SUV built in the United States. The XJ began production in 1984 and was last produced in 2001. In all years of production, both a two door and four door model were available. When installing a car seat in the Jeep XJ, steps will differ depending on whether you are using an infant car seat or one for a toddler or preschooler.

Infant Seat with Base

Place the car seat base in the back, center seat if possible. This is the safest place in the car for an infant. The Jeep XJ comes equipped with a center rear seat belt to secure the car seat.

Place the base so that the red arrow is facing toward the back of the Jeep. Secure the base by pulling the seat belt through the latches on the base. Buckle the seat belt in.

Pull the seat belt on your XJ all the way out. The XJ seat belt will lock. Let go of the seat belt and allow it to retract all the way back. Put one knee in the center of the base as you pull the seat belt to be as tight as possible. If using a lap and shoulder belt combo, thread both through the base.

Check the side of the base. In most car seat base models there will be an indicator that tells you if the base is at the correct angle. If it is not, you will have to adjust the base by moving it up or down with tabs located on the base itself. This will vary according to the manufacturer of the seat.

Place your car seat on top of the base. When it is safely locked, you will hear a click. If there was no indicator on the base, check the side of the car seat for an indicator to make sure the seat is at the correct angle. If not, you can adjust the base until the seat indicates that it is level.

Infant Seat Without Base

Place seat so that baby faces the rear of the car. The center rear seat is the safest place for an infant to be.

Pull the seat belt over the lap part of the car seat. On the sides of the car seat will be notches for the seat belt to slide into. Slide the belt into the notches and buckle the belt.

Pull the seat belt until it no longer can come out. This will cause it to lock. Then let go of the seat so that it can retract. Pull the portion of the seat belt that is on the car seat so that it as tight as possible. If you are using a lap and shoulder belt, thread both through the latches and tighten.

Forward Facing Car Seat

Place the car seat so that the back of the seat is flush with the back of the seat of the car. The center seat in the rear is preferable.

Pull the seat belt and push it through the back of the car seat. There is a hole that the seat belt can thread through and come out the other side. Once you have pulled it through the back of the car seat, buckle it.

Pull the seat belt until it is completely out. Use force to pull the belt and to lock it into place. Place one knee in the seat to get belt as tight as possible. Allow the seat belt to retract. Pull on the belt until the seat is tightly installed.