How to Handle Multiple Children

By eHow Parenting Editor

If you have multiple children, handling them on a daily basis comes with many challenges. You have to divide your time among your children, be fair to everyone involved and try to make your children happy all at the same time. However, it is possible to successfully handle multiple children if you know where to start.

Have a schedule. With multiple children, you may find it difficult to get anything done. Having a schedule will help keep you and your children on track. You may also find that some children do better with a schedule and having a plan of what to do each day can help eliminate confusion.

Plan out activities that the children can do together. Some options include playing a game, doing sports or building with blocks. Select things that children of various age groups can all enjoy.

Schedule activities that the children can do separately but at the same time. This may include reading, drawing or coloring. Choose things that your children find interesting and make sure to have enough options so all of your children will be able to do something they enjoy.

Set limits and enforce rules. Handling multiple children without any rules or limits can be very challenging. Make sure that all of the children know the rules of the house. You may want to set rules for cleaning up, for playing nice or for listening. Stay consistent in enforcing the rules and limits with all of the children.

Remain patient, flexible and calm. Your schedule may have to change or things may not go as planned. Be flexible and go with the flow. Patience and remaining calm will also go a long way towards helping you successfully handle multiple children.

Be fair. Children can often sense if a parent is playing favorites with their children. Try your best to not play or choose favorites. Spend time with all of the children individually and give them all your attention. Children will notice if a brother or sister is getting more attention than they are.