Great Father's Day Ideas

By Shelley Frost
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Each June, dads take center stage during Father's Day celebrations. If the dad in your life has enough ties to last the rest of his career, you may need to refresh your idea of how to honor him. The key to putting a smile on dad's face this Father's Day is choosing a way to celebrate that matches his interests.


Whether the dad of honor never steps foot in the kitchen or earns the nickname Chef Dad, cooking for him on Father's Day is a way to show your love through food. If you can get him to hand over the grilling tools, throw him a barbecue in his honor. Make it a family thing, or invite all the dads you know for a group celebration. A picnic gives you a chance to enjoy the day on-the-go while still showing dad your love through food. If you're spending the day at home, create a menu that includes all of dad's favorites. Personalized place mats with hand-drawn pictures create Father's Day ambiance for the home-cooked meal.

Homemade Gifts

The homemade Father's Day gift is a classic option. You could buy another "greatest dad" t-shirt or mug, but a custom-made option is more sentimental. A child's handprint is a simple gift idea. You can put the print on a card or make a longer-lasting memento by pressing the child's hand into plaster or clay. A custom piece of art from a child is another option. Let the budding artist paint a plain wooden frame to display his artwork.

Family Outings

A trip to dad's favorite spot makes a Father's Day celebration enjoyable for him. The specific destination you choose should align with dad's idea of an entertaining time. If he's not a sports fan, a day at the ballpark may leave him bored. Some outing ideas include a trip to the zoo, a day at the races, a hike, watching a sporting event or participating in his favorite sport, such as golf. Another idea is to take a quick weekend getaway to celebrate Father's Day. A change of scenery within driving distance gives you a variety of different activities that you wouldn't be able to do at home. For example, if the dad of honor is a golf fanatic, driving to another city gives him access to different golf courses to try.

Documenting Stories

All that time spent hanging out with dad is a great way to make memories, but the details of those special times often fade over the years. Instead of just making memories on Father's Day, use this holiday to document the things that make dad special. Videotaping the day's activities is one way to capture it. You can also tape the man of honor answering questions. Ask him about his childhood, his favorite memories as a dad or his most embarrassing fatherhood moment. Another option is to make a memory book or similar written document of those fatherhood memories you want to capture. Create a book for the dad of honor and decorate pages that include different questions for dad to answer.

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