Godparent Gifts Ideas

By April Sanders

Becoming a godparent can be an honor and responsibility. Some new parents formally give godparents legal custody of their child, while for others, the title signifies a religious bond rather than a legal one. Whatever the case may be, thank the godparents of your new baby with a special gift.

Photo and Frame

Take a snapshot of the godparents holding the new infant and place it in a special frame. The frame can be engraved with a message of love or the names of the baby and his godparents. Alternately, take a photo of just the baby and place it in a frame designed especially for godparents. Many online retailers sell such frames.

Mug or T-shirt

Mugs and T-shirts make whimsical gifts. Choose one with a fun saying on it, such as "I love my godson!" or "World's best godmother!" You can have the baby's photo placed on the side of a mug or a T-shirt. Most stores that offer photo services can provide this service for you.

Gift Certificates

The gift for your baby's godparents doesn't have to be baby-centric. Thank them with a present they will truly enjoy, such as certificates to dinner at a nice restaurant, or to see a show or sporting event. Include a note that says that you look forward to the time when they can take their godchild to that same place. Add that when the child is old enough to do so, you will buy the tickets to take them all.

Special Delivery

Consider announcing to the world how excited you are that your friends or family members have agreed to be the godparents of your new baby. Send the godmother a bouquet of flowers along with an "It's a girl!" balloon. Give the godfather a box of "It's a boy!" chocolate cigars (or real, if he smokes).

Practical Items

If the godparents will be spending a lot of time with the baby, such as babysitting, consider getting them a practical gift, especially if the babysitting is going to take place at their house. An inexpensive umbrella stroller, portable crib and other items are all useful things that the godparents will use often, and you will appreciate not having to drag them back and forth from house to house.

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