Gift Ideas for 13 Year Olds

By Erin Schreiner
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Selecting a perfect gift for any child is a challenge, but coming up with gift ideas for 13 year olds, whose interests are rapidly changing, is even more difficult. It is nearly impossible to stay on top of what your 13-year-old is interested in from minute to minute, but, with a little forethought, you can still purchase a gift that will satisfy his or her tastes and provide delight on the next gift-giving holiday.

Concert Tickets

Give your child the key to a memorable experience by buying her tickets to a concert. Purchase a set of tickets and attend the event with your child, or reserve several seats and allow her to take a friend or two. If you intend to buy her concert tickets, listen closely to her music selection in the weeks prior to your gift purchase to ensure that you select a group or artist that she currently enjoys.

Board Game

A board game gives your teen something to do with friends. Select a trivia, pop culture or word game appropriate for your teen. If your 13-year-old is a fan of drama, for example, look for a game that allows her to get up and show off her flair for theatrics. If he is of the academic bent, present him with a brain teaser game that he can use to challenge his friends.


Show your teenager you recognize that she is growing up by buying her jewelry. Purchase a birthstone ring, charm bracelet or pendant for your 13-year-old. She will likely appreciate the fine piece of jewelry to add to her costume jewelry collection, and will see the gift as a symbol of your trust in her and pride in her accomplishments.


This clever iPod accessory adds excitement to any music listening experience. By hooking his MP3 player to this robotic creature, your child can listen to his music projected from the speakers on the dog, and watch him flap his ears and wag his tail to the tunes. If your child isn't a dog fan, select another animal. The device is available in a wide array of animal shapes, covering everything from penguins to monkeys.

Fitness Club Membership

If you are the parent of a sporty teen, consider giving him the freedom to engage in athletics whenever he wants by buying him a fitness club membership. Buy a year pass to the local YMCA or community center, so he can take a swim, shoot some hoops or just build some muscle mass at his leisure. This gift is particularly appropriate for gift-giving holidays in the winter, as the cold weather can prevent teens from burning off energy outside.

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