How to Furnish a Treehouse

By Susan Revermann
Comstock/Stockbyte/Getty Images

If you’ve spent the time and resources to construct a sturdy treehouse for your child, you should finish it the right way. You need to furnish the treehouse to make it more homey and comfortable. With a few simple additions, your child’s treehouse will become his own private home-away-from-home.

Step 1

Light your way. If electricity is available to the treehouse, use electrical lamps to illuminate it. Alternatively, if this is not a safe or feasible option, use flashlights, camping lanterns and battery-operated lights.

Step 2

Pick out your furniture. Opt for waterproof or water-resistant furniture such as lawn furniture for your child’s treehouse as moisture can be an issue. Paint items that are not waterproof with exterior paint that is moisture-resistant. Depending on the size of the treehouse, include a table, chairs, couch or daybed. Install shelves. Include end tables, if there is enough space. Provide a toy box or bin so your child can stock the treehouse with his goodies. Rearrange your chosen furniture items inside the treehouse until they are situated comfortably and allow for a treehouse guest to walk around freely.

Step 3

Pull out some rugs. An area rug or two can add a nice touch to the treehouse. If your child is sitting on the floor of the treehouse, it provides a soft foundation on which to play.

Step 4

Hang curtains on the windows. Find some cheap window coverings at a department store. Alternatively, make curtains out of old sheets or blankets. Use a curtain rod that is spring-loaded or attach it to the window area of the treehouse with curtain rod anchors and screws.

Step 5

Tie it together with some art. Hang some of your child’s artwork on the walls of the treehouse. Ask your child to pick out her favorites and hang them with tacks or small finishing nails.

Step 6

Consider some plants. The treehouse is already a part of nature and plants add a nice touch. Get some artificial flowers in a pot or encourage your child to plant his own in a flowerpot and set it near the window.

Step 7

Stock the treehouse with items such as play dishes, an old phone, tablecloths and a small broom.