Evenflo Ellipsa Instructions

By Michelle Blessing
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The Evenflo Ellipsa stroller has multiple features to make traveling with your baby simple and effortless. The Ellipsa stroller is compatible with Evenflo car seats or can be used alone. It features a one-handed steering and folding mechanism for easy operation and storage. Your child will ride in comfort with an adjustable headrest, reclining seat and removable tray for snacks or toys. A cup holder for your own drink is found near the steering handle, and a large basket will hold your diaper bag and other baby essentials.


Unhook the folding latch on the stroller, located on the frame. Pull up on the handle until the stroller is open and locks into place. Attach the footrest piece by inserting both tubes into the stroller frame.

Slide the front wheels onto the front frame until the locking tab clicks into place. Be sure the tab is facing front when sliding the wheel onto the frame. Place the stroller upright and be sure the footrest is locked by pushing or stepping down on it.

Find the rear brake lock and insert it into the brake pedal. Push the brake lock through the brake housing located on the lower rear frame. Repeat this step for the other brake lock.

Attach the rear wheels by sliding the axle rods into the axle tubes. Slide the spacer onto the rod, then place the wheel on the rod, securing it with a slide retainer until it snaps into place. Finish by placing the hubcap over the retainer. Repeat for the other wheel.


Open the stroller. Step on the lower rear brake to unlock the stroller. Unlatch the child's tray by squeezing the button and lifting.

Place your child in the seat and secure the safety harness by fastening the buckles on the crotch panel and the waist restraints. Tighten to fit your child and close the tray.

Pull the canopy forward and push the canopy hoops in place. Engage the swivel feature on the front wheels by flipping the swivel locks up. You can lock the swivel feature by stepping on the swivel locks; this will improve the handling on rough surfaces.

Recline the Ellipsa seat by lifting up on the recline handle at the rear of the seat and lowering.

Store your stroller by closing the canopy and locking the rear brakes. Press the thumb lock down and squeeze the release trigger while pushing forward on the stroller handle to fold. Attach the latch to lock the stroller in the folded position.

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