How to Entertain a 2-Year-Old

By Nannette Richford
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Two-year-olds are known for their high energy and their adamant use of the word "No!" Both characteristics give rise to the term "terrible twos," but this description is not entirely accurate. Although they can be a handful, they can also be a delight to be around, as they explore the world around them with enthusiasm and excitement. The key to taming the terrible twos is providing your little one with activities that are both stimulating and engaging.

Step 1

Fill a tote or small cardboard box halfway with play sand. Hide a selection of small items, such as plastic toys, in the sand. Give your little one a plastic sand shovel, or large serving spoon, and put her to work digging for treasure. Providing her with a sand pail or bowl where she can store her bounty will keep her entertained for hours. Adding funnels and measuring cups gives your child a host of choices when playing in the sand.

Step 2

Give you little munchkin an assortment of stacking toys, such as wooden blocks or stacking cups, and let him loose in the middle of the floor. Building towers, and knocking them down again, keeps 2-year-olds busy and builds both fine motor and gross motor skills, too.

Step 3

Give your little one a small wagon to pull and plenty of small items to load it up. Wooden blocks or logs are the perfect solution for giving her a load to haul, but don't overlook the joy of giving Teddy a ride. Toddlers delight in toys with moving parts, but don't be surprised if they don't always use them as expected. Turning the wagon over and spinning the wheels may be more in line with your 2-year-old's desires.

Step 4

Create a play area with a blanket and pillows in the corner of the room, so your toddler can play while you work. Load it up with favorite toys, such as stuffed animals, and you may be surprised to see your toddler quietly playing house or taking a much needed snooze when he gets tired.

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