How Do I Get My Daughter to Respect Me?

By Katya Gordeeva
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As a parent, you may be stressed out about your daughter's disrespectful behavior. Whether she does not follow your rules or talks back to you, it is easy to become frustrated. However, this apparent lack of respect is a natural part of growing up. As your daughter grows up, she begins to form her own values and opinions that may not coincide with yours. Understanding how to deal with disrespectful behavior can help you build a better relationship with your daughter.

Do not become upset when your daughter says something disrespectful to you. Recognize that your daughter is still growing, and may not always choose the right things to say. Even if she yells or gives you an attitude, do not take it personally.

Show respect. If you want your daughter to be respectful, you must be willing to do the same. Instead of telling her to bring your a drink, ask her to bring it to you. Rather than walking into her room unannounced, knock on her door. If your daughter notices you being disrespectful, she might think you are a hypocrite.

Spend time with your daughter. Take her out to lunch, help her with her homework or go on a walk with her. Spending quality time with your daughter shows her that you care about her. If she believes you love her enough to make time for her, she will appreciate and respect you.

Model good behavior. Show kindness to those around you, and avoid losing your temper around your daughter. Help your neighbor carry her groceries inside or volunteer your time at a nonprofit organization. If your daughter notices what a kind person you are, she may respect you more.

Talk to your daughter when she disrespects you. Whether she uses disrespectful language or doesn't follow her curfew, you must correct her immediately. If you ignore her disrespectful behavior, she will think she can get away with it. For example, you can say, "I do not appreciate it when you use that tone with me. If you continue to show me disrespect, you will be punished."

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