How to Design Doll Clothing Patterns

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Part of the fun of having a doll is getting to dress it up in different outfits. You can increase your fashion fun by designing your own doll clothes using your own patterns. By working from your own design template, you don't limit yourself to what's in the stores, and you exercise your creativity.

Measure your doll using a measuring tape. Take measurements of the doll's overall height, and measure the length of its torso, arm, legs and feet. Then measure the circumference of its neck, arms, chest, waist, hips, legs and feet.

Write your measurements down on a piece of paper for later reference. It helps to create a little chart for yourself, so that you can fill in the blanks with the numbers as you measure.

Use the measurements to draw a template of each body part. Your template should match the overall height, length and circumferences of your body parts.

Cut your drawing out and trace your template on a piece of cardboard. Now you have stiff template patterns that you can use to create your doll clothes designs.

Label your cardboard pattern template pieces with the name of the doll and the body part. Store your pieces together in a clearly labeled envelope or folder.