Decorations Ideas for an Candy Land Theme

By Shelley Frost
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Candy Land appeals to children from a young age with its colorful and whimsical design and simple rules. The game images also work well as the basis for party decorations. The Candy Land party theme lends itself well to bold, colorful decorations that make your party guests feel like they stepped into the game.

Candy Buffet

A table filled with jars of candy ties in the theme and creates a suitable party favor for your guests. Fill up clear containers with assorted types of candy. Ideas include jelly beans, lollipops, rock candy, candy-coated chocolate, licorice sticks, candy sticks and chocolate. Choose containers of different heights and sizes for variety. Let the guests scoop up their favorite candies and take them home in cellophane bags or small boxes as a favor.

Cardboard Cutouts

Cardboard makes an inexpensive, yet durable, base for party decorations. Cut out the shape of the Candy Land characters from a large sheet of cardboard. Paint the cardboard to resemble the characters. Another option is to cut out several squares and paint each one a different color. Place the cardboard squares next to one another to replicate the pathway on the game board. Create a path on the floor to lead to the various party areas, or hang them on the wall.

Giant Candy

Large, artificial candies add to the Candy Land feeling in the party venue. Spray paint large Styrofoam balls and press in a wooden dowel or wrapping paper roll to create a lollipop. Wrap the ball portion with clear cellophane to resemble the wrapper. Large cardboard tubes painted with stripes make candy stick replicas. Styrofoam disks painted and wrapped in cellophane resemble hard candies. Arrange the giant candies around the room or suspend them from the ceiling.

Candy Garland

A candy-decorated garland provides decoration for the walls or along tables. Hot glue or wire candy onto a length of Christmas garland. Add red and white striped ribbon along the garland for extra decoration. A similar candy-themed decoration is a gumdrop wreath. Glue gumdrops onto a foam wreath form, and tie a ribbon to the top to hang it. Hang the wreath on the door to greet your visitors.

Candy Castle

The Candy Castle at the end of the Candy Land game provides the inspiration for another party decoration. Use large cardboard boxes and tubes to recreate the castle. If possible, use boxes large enough to allow young party guests to go inside. Paint the boxes and add details to the castle to make it look like the game. Take pictures of the guests standing next to the castle, and print the pictures as a party favor.

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