Decoration Ideas for Outdoor Dance Parties for Teenagers

By Penelope Longfellow
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Your teenager has picked a date for her outdoor dance party, sent invitations to her friends and chosen the music set list. However, a dance party requires definition beyond the basic dance floor and stereo. Accessorize your teenager's dance party with with a few simple, standout decorative elements to create a fun and memorable experience for all who attend.

For the Record

Play up the music theme of your dance party with decorations made from old or unused vinyl records and compact discs. Arrange records or CDs along a length of wide ribbon and hot-glue them into place to make a banner. Temporarily tack records or CDs to a wooden fence or post by lightly hammering pushpins through their center holes. Re-purpose records into serving platters for lightweight snacks and CDs into drink coasters for your party guests.

Light Up the Dance Floor

Set the mood for your dance party with lighting on and around the dance floor. Wrap surrounding trees and bushes with string lights. Rig a light "tent" by joining several light strands together over the center of the dance floor, with each strand branching out like spokes in a wheel. String lights along fences and posts as they are available, giving partygoers a practical amount of light for dancing and socializing, while creating a magical mood in your outdoor space. When arranging the lights in your chosen pattern, take caution not to exceed the maximum number of strings per circuit, according to the manufacturer's recommendation. Be mindful, as well, to keep the dance floor and other party areas free from tripping, tangling and other safety hazards.

Center Stage

Give the tables at your dance party an electric vibe with glowing centerpieces. Purchase several packages of glow bracelets or necklaces from a discount or party store. Fill clear glass or plastic drinking cups with water and, shortly before the dance party begins, activate the glow sticks. Arrange several sticks in each water cup, as you would a bouquet of cut flowers. Mix and match glow sticks as desired, grouping together a single color for each table or distributing the colors at random.

Backup Dancers

Create a backdrop for your dance party using silhouettes. Roll out a long sheet of craft paper in a dark or bold color. Have your silhouette model lay on the paper while striking a single dance pose. Trace around the model in pencil and cut out the silhouette when the tracing is complete. Draw and cut several silhouettes on the paper in varying dance poses. Affix the silhouettes to a light-colored surface, such as a white bedsheet, for display during the party.

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