How to Customize a Teen Backpack

By eHow Parenting Editor

Teenagers have developed special personalities and like to express them in whatever way they can. Customizing a backpack is a fun way to show off your style and give teens a way to be creative.

Sew on a patch. Patches are a neat way to show places you've visited or things you like. Locations, scenery or the good old smiley face make terrific patches for your backpack.

Use the bling machine to apply some fancy pieces to your backpack. This is a great way to put studs around the border of the backpack or create a design in the center.

Attach some jewels. Use special glue to attach pretty jewels such as rhinestones to a backpack. Most teens love to design their own look.

Hang pins. A super way to display the pins you've collected is to hang them on your backpack. Pins that show where you've hiked or sports you're involved in will make a special statement.

Make a photo-copy of your pet and put it on your backpack. Teens love this idea. A specially designed paper will stick the photo to the material.

Embellish the bag with fabric paint. Paint initials, sayings or squiggly lines. Teens love to doodle.

String beads from your backpack. This is definitely a favorite design for teens. Thread or pin several rows of beads along the backpack to display your creative talents.