Creative Chef Costume Ideas for Kids

By Nadia Haris
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Take your child's pretend kitchen and restaurant play to a new, fun level with creative chef outfits. With the popularity of cooking and baking television shows, your child may show an interest in learning more about cooking and different types of chefs. Wearing a chef's outfit is also a creative way to enhance the experience as your child helps you make dinner or bake a cake in your kitchen.

Pastry Chef

When your child pictures a chef, she likely pictures the classic outfit: tall white hat and white apron. And she likely thinks of a baker making scrumptious cakes and cookies. Bakeries are exciting for kids because of all the goodies they can find there. Put together a baker or pastry chef outfit for your child to wear for Halloween or to pretend he is one while he helps you bake in the kitchen. Purchase a child-size white apron from an art supply or costume store. You can also fashion one out of a white pillowcase. Make a tall chef hat out of cardboard and tissue paper or a white napkin. Dust a little bit of flour across his nose and cheek and complete the look with a toy baking pin or a real whisk, plastic bowl and cake decorating bag. You can also give him a tray of real cookies that he has helped you make or can pretend he made.

Sous Chef

A sous chef is an assistant to the head chef and second-in-command in restaurant kitchens. Pair your child's sous chef costume with your head chef costume and play the roles while you prepare dinner in the kitchen. A sous chef has a white hat or cap that is shorter than a head chef's tall white hat. Their apron is also usually shorter than the head chef's or simply a waist apron. Make your child a round white hat out of cardboard or even a stiff napkin and give him a colorful child-size apron to wear. Complete the outfit with a whisk, measuring spoons and a cookbook.

Sushi Chef

Sushi chefs typically work in public view at Japanese restaurants; your child may have seen them in action as they expertly craft works of sushi art. Put together a traditional sushi chef outfit for your child as a creative twist to the typical chef costume. He can wear his own black pants and black shoes, paired with a shirt with a stand-up collar. Add dragon or Japanese character motifs to the shirt to make it more authentic. For a hat, sushi chefs wear a bandana tied around their heads. Make one for your child's outfit by painting Japanese characters onto a long, narrow piece of white cloth. To complete the look, give your child a plastic knife and cutting board and even plastic sushi pieces. He can also learn Japanese for a few words such as "fish," "crab" and "food."

Deli Chef

Deli chefs make sandwiches, burgers and hotdogs. This type of chef typically wears a red or black checkered outfit. Dress your child up in a paper or cloth checkered hat with a matching full-length apron over a white shirt. He can keep the look casual with jeans, t-shirt and sneakers or make it more of a uniform with black pants, polo shirt and black shoes. Add accessories such as empty mustard and ketchup bottles and plastic sandwiches and pickles from a toy shop.

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