How to Create a Candy Land Themed Party

By Miranda Brookins
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If you have a Candy Land lover in your family--no matter how young or old--consider creating a Candy Land theme party to celebrate an upcoming event. A Candy Land theme party can be whimsical, entertaining, colorful and filled with a variety of activities and loaded with lots of delicious treats.

Consider your event details. Whether you're planning a bridal shower, a baby shower, a children's birthday party or a girl's night, the type of event you're planning and your audience indicates which direction you take in your party plan. You may also want to consider your color scheme, as it may be a deciding factor in the types of candy you select to serve at your party. The Candy Land game uses the colors red, green, blue, yellow, orange and violet.

Design your invitations according to your theme and color scheme. Be sure to clue guests in to the party theme. You can do this by using a design that incorporates the Candy Land game board or characters. Additionally, if your theme focuses more on creating a land of candy, rather than the game, you can use real candy to decorate your invitations, include candy with your invitation or simply create an invitation with a candy design on it.

Plan decorations for your Candy Land theme party. In addition to using regular décor like streamers, balloons and paper lanterns, you can use bowls of candy in the center of each table, posters of the Candy Lane game characters, candy advertisements blown up to poster size, gumball machines or try using the Candy Land game in the center of each table. Create a colorful sign to hang at a focal point in the venue that reads "Candy Land." Attach guests' place cards to large lollipops, a bag of cotton candy or to a Candy Land game piece. You can even use poster boards in the colors of the Candy Land game to create a path up to or through the front door of your party venue.

Create a candy buffet using the guest of honor's favorite types of candy or candy that matches the color scheme. Use the characters' names from the Candy Land game to create unique names for each candy you offer. Provide guests with empty plastic bags or decorative boxes to take a few treats home.

Organize activity areas, so guests can play Candy Land, decorate cupcakes and cookies with candy and hit a piñata shaped like a big piece of candy. You may also put together a life-size Candy Land if your party is held in a large space and have the party guests be the token on the game board.

Decide on favors for your guests. You may give each guest a Candy Land game to take home. For younger guests, you may gift each child with a Candy Land coloring book and crayons.

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