How to Find a Copperhead Snake Den

By Lucas Lalonde
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Copperhead snakes, named for the copper-red color of their triangular heads, belong to the pit viper (Viperidae) family of snakes. Copperhead snakes are usually not aggressive and may freeze when frightened, but they are venomous and have bitten more people than any other venomous snake in the United States. Finding a copperhead den is a matter of searching typical copperhead habitats during the winter, when they hibernate and form dens.

Step 1

Check to see if copperhead snakes are native to your area. Copperheads are found in the eastern and central United States, from Connecticut to Kansas and from Florida to Texas.

Step 2

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Learn to identify a copperhead snake. Adult copperheads typically reach two to three feet in length, with newborns measuring about seven to nine inches. The body of a copperhead is chestnut-colored with reddish or dark brown cross-bands. Young copperheads also have bright yellow tails that they use to attract prey.

Step 3

Search areas known to be copperhead habitats in the winter months. Copperheads only den during the winter, typically in wooded, rocky areas near sources of water, and may share dens with other species of snakes. Copperheads often appear in sunning, eating or drinking sites with other copperheads near their dens. They often return to the same areas to den year after year.

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